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ARRIVAL SURVIVAL – August 27th from 10-1, Capital Mansion Athletic Club, 3rd Floor

It is hard to believe the summer season is almost over and school is fast approaching along with the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival just a short month away!  With the end of summer it also means that it is the BIG month for new expat arrivals to our little Beijing & Shunyi communities and our BIGGEST gathering of the year, our annual ARRIVAL SURVIVAL!

For those of us who have resided in Beijing for some time now we may have forgotten what it was like to be fresh and new to this unique city.  From language barriers to trying to navigate around this great big city, it could truly be frustrating and discouraging to say the least!  That is why we at INN hold our annual ARRIVAL SURVIVAL to help those new to Beijing see the silver lining to making this city their home with as little frustration as possible and to help you THRIVE in Beijing!

We will have many great guest speakers on hand that day to discuss topics from monies, banking, safety & emergency tips, transportation, air &water quality to Wechat & Wallet access, online subscriptions, etc.  Topics that each of us may have needed to know about to make our early days a little less stressful.  Besides these topics we will have on hand many wonderful vendors and businesses in Beijing that can help make your time here more enjoyable.  So, you will want to stop by each of them and get their contact information and don’t forget to ask them questions too.  This event is also a great time to meet new people and possibly make lifetime friendships as well!  You won’t want to miss out, so join INN!  Please share with your expat friends and new acquaintances to Beijing.  

Snacks and beverages will be provided throughout the morning.

This event is for Foreign Passport Holders Only!  The cost is 100rmb