In December 2016 we started a fundraising campaign for Jaco and Jing Jing’s baby boy Brian who was born with a medical condition that required surgery when he was only a few months old.

It has now been confirmed that he will soon require a liver transplant.

Both the financial and emotional costs of this news are high.

While the Baby Brian Fund has received many wonderful donations there is still a significant shortfall so we are now appealing to you to help in any way you can.

We need to raise at least a further RMB 400,000 if Brian is to stay in China for surgery.

If the family decide to travel overseas it will cost more than RMB 1,055,900.

There is a WeChat account to facilitate direct contributions or donations.  To access go to add contacts in WeChat and search for WeChat ID:  Brian-0808.

Visit the GoFundMe website account to find more background to the story or give your support online:

If you wish to give a cash donation, have fund raising suggestions or can offer any other assistance please contact the fundraising team by emailing:

Thank you so much.

With hope from the Fund Raising Team