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Beijing Eats: 
A Food Lover’s Companion 
to China’s Culinary Capital 
(English and Chinese Edition)

Eileen Wen Mooney

INN Book of the Month
Beijing Eats is the definitive guide to dining in Beijing, introducing the best 140 Chinese restaurants from 29 culinary traditions, including little-known cuisines such as Anhui, Gansu, Jiangxi and Tan family. This book also provides descriptions of 400 regional dishes, and special topics such as beancurd, chillies, festival foods, street foods and tonic foods.

The best of China’s great cooking styles can be found in Beijing if you know where to look and Eileen Wen Mooney knows where. A Beijing resident and food writer, she shows you an insiders list of Beijings best regional restaurants, from hole-in-the-wall eateries to the finest of fine dining.

Sample the vanishing arts of Shandong’s delicate cuisine, savour Sichuan favorites the way they’re really meant to be, taste the exotic dishes of China’s far frontiers: Beijing Eats takes you on a culinary voyage through China’s 28 provinces without ever leaving Beijing.

• 140 restaurants, 496 dishes, 31 regional and historic cuisines
• Bilingual addresses, maps, and names of dishes, plus a handy ordering guide
• Comprehensive indexes of restaurants and dishes

Packed with detail and enthusiasm, Beijing Eats is a lot more than a restaurant guide. It’s a tabletop primer on one of the worlds great cuisines, indispensable for the casual diner and the dedicated food-lover alike.

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