INN’s General Gathering – February 25th

Feeling Good – Spring Rejuvenation

The fall and winter holiday season when we spend much valued time with friends and family to celebrate our many diverse holidays throughout the long winter months has come to an end.  Now that spring is coming with summer close behind it, perhaps you would like to explore ways to get back on the move and compensate for all of those special holiday treats that you so loved, perhaps too much.

INN would like to invite you to come move with us at this month’s General Gathering.  We will have three special guests to show us ways to feel good for this coming spring.

Alex Shi will lead us through a Zumba class, which will be an opportunity for you to practice your dance moves while moving through some healthy aerobic conditioning.

We will also welcome Lu Dongdong who have been a personal trainer in the Beijing Jun-Ti Fitness Studio for the past 7 years.  He ranked 3rd in the Beijing Fitness Coach Professional Skills Competition in 2015 and is a national fitness coach with professional qualifications.  He will help us spring into motion with advice on getting started into a fitness regime and adding more movement into our everyday lives.

Edith Frank will lead us through a lovely Qi Gong session that will emphasize movements for harmonious breath flow.  What better way to prepare for a well balanced remainder of your day?

We look forward to seeing you at the Capital Mansion Monday morning, 2/25, from 10am to noon for a fun morning of movement and rejuvenation.